Katherine Brook + Liza Birkenmeier / TELE-VIOLET

Photo by guy on the street

TELE-VIOLET is a theatre company led by director Katherine Brook that uses dramatic texts as well as real-world content to experiment with acting and dramatic form. TELE-VIOLET is invested in collaboration and always seeking new approaches to theatre-making. Recent work includes The Power of Emotion (Under the Radar Incoming!) and Pink Melon Joy (Brave New World Rep). Tragedy in Spades will be the second Tele-Violet collaboration with playwright Liza Birkenmeier, following American Realism in 2011.

Katherine Brook + Liza Birkemeier / TELE-VIOLET is currently in residence at University Settlement’s Performance Project for the development of this new work.

Upcoming: University Settlement, March 2016; How to Get Into Buildings, by Trish Harnetiaux, directed by Katherine Brook, in December at The Brick.