The Terrifying

Thursday, October 8
Elebash Recital Hall
Photo by Joe Bulgewicz

Photo by Joe Bulgewicz

The Terrifying is a new theater piece about fear. In a creepy little village on the cusp of modernity, two teenagers and their families are stalked by a ravening monster. The piece takes cues from horror movies, but searches for a visceral scariness specific to live theater, experimenting with soundscapes and tableaux, textures of darkness and silence, excruciating slowness and sudden eruption. Building toward a final confrontation between girl and demon, The Terrifying asks how you can live every day with forces that want to destroy you—including the urge to destroy yourself.

Minor Theater: Julia Jarcho, Ásta Bennie Hostetter, Jenny Seastone*, Ben Williams

Collaborating Artists: Julia Jarcho (writer/director); Ben Williams (sound designer); Ásta Bennie Hostetter (costume & scenic designer); Blaze Ferrer (stage manager), Jenny Seastone and Pete Simpson (live performers), Hubert Point-Du Jour* and Kristine Haruna Lee* (unlive performers)

* Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

Each performance will run approximately 15 – 20 minutes. Minor Theater is presented within the 7:00pm – 8:30pm set. Follow by a short discussion, moderated by Eric Shethar.

  • Minor Theater
    Photo by Alex Fabozzi

    Minor Theater is a New York City company putting on plays written and directed by Julia Jarcho in collaboration with Ásta Bennie Hostetter, Jenny Seastone (NY Innovative Theatre Award, 2014), and Ben Williams (Elevator Repair Service). With dark humor and goofball precision, we camp out on the underbelly of pop culture. We tell the stories that don’t fit into the stories. We are champions of weird desire. Shows we have worked on together include: Grimly Handsome (OBIE Award for Best New American Play, 2013; reprised at JACK, 2015); Nomads (dir. Alice Reagan at Incubator, 2014); Dreamless Land (produced by New York City Players at Abrons Arts Center, 2011), American Treasure (produced by 13P, 2009). Julia Jarcho received a Doris Duke Impact Award in 2014.