Thursday, October 8
Segal Theatre

Photo by Kelly Stuart

Afterward is a dance theater piece about illness, trauma, survivorship, and anxiety.  Written largely in the first person from Sam’s own experiences, the piece overlays dance with literary memoir.  The piece also explores the connection between superhero narratives and our anxieties about the vulnerability of the human body.

Collaborating Artists: Becca Blackwell, Lucy Kaminsky, Ronald Peet, Sam West (Performers); Elizabeth DeMent (Choreographer); Eva von Schweinitz (Sound Designer); Rachel Zucker (Stage Manager); Sarah Hughes (Director); McFeely Sam Goodman (Writer)

Each performance will run approximately 15 – 20 minutes. Sarah Hughes and McFeely Sam Goodman are presented within the 6:00pm – 7:30pm set. Follow by a short discussion, moderated by Caleb Hammons.

  • Sarah Hughes + McFeely Sam Goodman
    Sarah Hughes; McFeely Sam Goodman, photo by Tony Gale

    Sarah Hughes and McFeely Sam Goodman first worked together on The Pickle, a short play about a pickle who repents his career selling credit default swaps after a near-death experience, for Little Theatre at Dixon Place in 2013. Since then, they have collaborated on Special Cheese (Hearth Gods, CATCH, Columbia University), a play about UFOs, vegetarians, caterpillars, and the effect that parents have on their children; Brunchtime Is Over (Columbia University), a short dance theater piece about suicide and the artistic temperament; and America Breathing (The Habitat’s Summertime Rewrite at The Segal Center), a trans-dimensional adventure play about George Washington and the myth of American liberty. Sarah’s interest in staging non-theatrical and impossible texts gives Sam the freedom to write in a variety of literary styles, mixing fiction and non-fiction and high-culture and low-culture influences; their goal in collaborating is to create a shared experience that aims at truth rather than at the illusion of fact.

    Upcoming: Afterward will be presented in Spring 2016 as part of the Columbia University School of the Arts MFA Playwrights Thesis Festival at The Signature Theater. Sarah and Sam will also be collaborating on #serials at The Flea Theater this December.