Sam’s Tea Shack

Friday, October 9
Segal Theatre
Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Photo by Keelie Sheridan

Steeped in a reverence for the F train as the new Silk Road, Sam’s Tea Shack is an Ashkenazi Jewish boy’s fantasy that he’s really a central Asian nomad. In this malleable exchange with audience, Sam serves tea, talks about the neighborhood, Persian emperors, dumplings and samosas, and whatever is on your mind. It’s a piece about about cultural identity vs. national identity. It’s a comedy.

Collaborating Artists: Conceived by Ben Gassman; Text by Sam Soghor & Ben Gassman; Performed by Sam Soghor; Directed by Meghan Finn.

Each performance will run approximately 15-20 minutes. Ben Gassman is presented within the 3:45pm – 5:30pm set. Follow by a short discussion, moderated by Noel Allain.

  • Ben Gassman
    Photo Courtesy of the Artists

    Ben Gassman is a playwright from Queens. His play The Downtown Loop premiered in October, 2013 at 3LD Arts & Technology Center in a production directed by Meghan Finn. His play Purimacolo, directed by Julia Jarcho, was produced as part of the 2010 Weasel Festival at 13th St. Rep. Other full-length plays include Botte Di Ferro, Tunneling, and Haircuts For Men & Boys. Sam’s Tea Shack has had developmental performances at the Silent Barn, the Bushwick Starr, and Dixon Place. Ben’s essays on theater and theater artists can be found in the Brooklyn Rail and American Theatre magazine.

    Sam Soghor is NYC born and raised.  Normally, he would like to get several artisan cocktails with you at the cool bar around the corner after the show, but he has to get on the subway back to Brooklyn to do domestic stuff. Maybe in a few years…