Thursday, October 8
Segal Theatre
Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Photo by Normandy Sherwood

Why do we need all this stuff? I’m sorry it’s such a vague question but you see some Satanists confiscated my notebook, the notebook that had all the details in it. We are enacting a ritual to mend and recover, to heal our bad relationship with things. We’re reconstructing it from memory. We want to learn how to respect a spoon.

Collaborating Artist: Normandy Sherwood (Writer, director); Ean Sheehy, Julia Sirna-Frest, and Lisa Clair (Performers)

Each performance will run approximately 15 – 20 minutes. Normandy Sherwood is presented within the 6:00pm – 7:30pm set. Follow by a short discussion, moderated by Caleb Hammons.

  • Normandy Sherwood
    Photo by Jody Christopherson

    Normandy Sherwood (writer, director) writes plays, makes costumes, and does many other things in the theater. Her plays have been presented at The New Ohio Theater, The Kitchen, Dixon Place and more. She co-directs two theater companies: The Drunkard’s Wife (Feather Gatherers, Tiny Hornets) and the OBIE-award-winning National Theater of the United States of America (The Golden Veil, Chautauqua!, Abacus Black) . She has designed costumes for plays by Mac Wellman, Young Jean Lee, Faye Driscoll and many other people. She is one of the curators of Little Theatre @Dixon Place and she teaches writing at NYU.